The situation at MAAP, after the positive cases found

After the first cases of positivity at Covid 19, found in one of the bars in the market (5 infected, all family members practically living together), the Presidency – in collaboration with the permanent aid of Ulss 6 Euganea at MAAP – immediately activated for a series of swabs made on the morning of Saturday 18 July. 190 people – including bar staff (who had already been promptly closed) and various regulars – were tested.

From the following Monday, then, another 400 swabs were made for a total of almost 600 – out of almost 900 people working on the market – in order to verify their positivity.

A further case was therefore detected in an external buyer and six cases due to the Cameroonian staff of a service cooperative. This last are linked to the outbreak of several positives ascertained after a funeral commemoration organized on 4th July by the Cameroonian community of Padua.

Therefore, the extremely limited and clearly circumscribed number of cases against an audience of operators close to 900 units must be underlined.

This massive and timely verification and monitoring work, by MAAP’s Presidency, currently makes it the safest wholesale market in Italy, having immediately identified and isolated the 2 problematic clusters (bars and Cameroonians) and given the increase of all the precautions foreseen by the legislation and for months already applied (masks, distancing, meticulous sanitization, daily checks, etc.), to which has been added the temperature control before each entry and the no passing for those who are not regularly registered. From the first moment, in fact, the passage to private individuals was temporarily forbidden.

Padua Wholesale Market is therefore in full operation and, above all, guarantees the greatest possible health security for all its authorized visitors. All this, thanks also to Ulss 6 Euganea, whose information and directives have been extremely valuable and scrupulously followed.


Padua, 25 July 2020